Football Association of Ireland Football For All Schools Inter-Provincials Finals


Football Association of Ireland Centre of Excellence, National Sports Campus, Abbotstown, Dublin 15 on Tuesday 23rd February 2016


Dear Coach/Teacher,


You and your players are cordially invited to the 2016 Football For All Schools Inter-Provincials Finals to be hosted by the FAI in the Centre of Excellence in National Sports Campus, Abbotstown, Dublin 15. Your regional squad has been training hard now since November, the hard work and commitment will come to a head at the inter pros on Tuesday 23rd February in Dublin.


Please see the schedule for the day below. With 4 squads competing this year there will be a round robin league system with the team on most points after all matches are played will be crowned champions.


Players must be ready to warm up no later than 10.30am.


Competition Schedule


Time               Team 1                              Verses                 Team 2


11:15               Connaught/Ulster                  V                     Dublin           

11:15               S Leinster                               V                     Munster


12.15               S Leinster                               V                     Dublin

12.15               Connaught/Ulster                  V                     Munster


13:00               Lunch (S Leinster/Connaught)        Lunch(S Leinster/Connaught)

13:30               Lunch (Munster/Dublin)                  Lunch (Munster/Dublin)


14:00               S Leinster                                           Connaught/Ulster                 

14:20               Munster                                  V                     Dublin           



15:15               Awards                                   Awards                                   Awards






Notes: Matches will be 20 minutes a half. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 for a loss. In the event of 2 teams ending level on points after all matches has been completed the winners will be decided on head to head results and if this does not separate them the decision will go to goals conceded. If a player receives a red card in a game the following punishments will be incurred:


  • Two Yellows in a game – Player will only miss the remainder of that match
  • Straight Red – Player will miss the teams next match


Please ensure all players bring shin guards (Players cannot play without shin guards) and boots with them and their coaches will organise kits (Jerseys, Socks, and Shorts). Lunch will be provided for all players, coaches and teachers attending.


Looking forward to meeting you all on Tuesday 23r February.


Yours in Football






Oisin Jordan

National Co-ordinator for Football For All


Mob: 086 6079223