• No travelling.


  • No double dribbling.


  • Fouled in the act of shooting equals 2 free throws.


  • Only 5 personal fouls allowed.


  • After 2 intentional fouls a player will be automaticly ejection from the game- (after an intentional foul is an automatic 2 free throws and possession from half court after an intentional foul)


  • On the 5th team foul there’s 2 free throws rewarded for any additional foul in that quarter.(reset ever quarter)


  • No full court pressing for under 14 until the 4th quarter


In the  Senior B Teams in All Ireland Blitz for the full game ( 8 minutes)

  • Other team must retreat to half way line after they have scored a basket


  • Unlimited substitutions.


  • 1 time out in the 1st 3quarters


  • 2 time outs in the 4th


  • In All Ireland Blitz 1 time out per team per 8 minute match
  • Blocking – When a player uses their body position to prevent their opponent from advancing.
    •       Charging – When an offensive player runs into a defender who has an established position.
    •       Reaching In – When attempting to steal the basketball, the defender extends their arm and hand and makes contact with the ballhandler.